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Robert Augustus Scott, the owner and creator of RobScottCreates.com and Blackknowledgewear.com, has led a remarkable journey shaped by his passion for art, music, roller skating, and restoration. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Robert moved to The Bronx, New York City, at a young age.

As the youngest of ten children, Robert faced constant challenges, leading to aggressive energy. At the age of 12, his parents sent him to a “Group Home” upstate, where he discovered his talent for sketching and drawing. This newfound expression became a source of pride, confidence, and direction.

At 17, Robert was sent to another “Group Home” in Queens, attending John Bowne High School. During this time, he nurtured his love for music and began his DJing journey by observing the club scene. Additionally, he further developed his artistic skills through sketching.

After graduating from high school in 1983, Robert joined the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany. There, he started DJing in popular clubs and venues, sharing the music he loved. Following seven years of military service, Robert pursued his passion for art by attending The Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), studying Graphic Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Restoration.

At F.I.T., Robert discovered screen printing and honed his skills in the art form. In 1990, recognizing the demand for roller skating-themed T-shirts, he launched his business, initially called “Skate Tees.” His premier T-Shirt, “New York City Original Rollers,” became a sell-out success, earning a classic/cult status among skaters worldwide.

With increasing demand, Robert rebranded his business as “Roller Culture” in 1991 and continued designing and screen printing skating T-Shirts in bulk. By the year 2000, he had produced thousands of shirts for the New York City roller skating scene. Simultaneously, Robert DJed at various skating rinks, including Skate Key, Roxy, and Empire Rollerdrome.

In the new millennium, Robert embarked on a new beginning and started producing T-shirts under his present label, “Original Rollers.” Beyond skating, he expanded his lines to include “Musical Notes,” featuring famous artists’ imprints, and “Throwbacks,” showcasing old-school vinyl record labels.

In addition to his T-shirt business, Robert utilizes his skills in wood restoration as an independent contractor, working on brownstones in Brooklyn and Harlem. He has also collaborated with his former F.I.T. restoration professor, Eli Rios, restoring high-end period furniture.

Robert has consolidated all his ventures and brands under the umbrella of “ROB SCOTT CREATES” (RobScottCreates.com). This platform represents his love for skating (Original Rollers), passion for black culture (Black Knowledge Wear), artistry (Rob Scott Art), and appreciation for classic aesthetics (Throwbacks).

With a strong commitment to his artistic visions, Robert continues to explore his multi-talented capabilities well into the new millennium.


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